Vacant Home Insurance

An employee transferring with your company can be left in the situation of having to leave their home vacant for periods of time. Most homeowner's policies will not provide coverage when the residence is left vacant. If coverage can be obtained, it is often under restrictive terms and can be very expensive.

Now, you can provide coverage to your employee or transferee in this transition time by offering coverage through the UNIRISC Vacant Home Insurance plan.

Vacant home can be covered for direct physical loss through flood, earthquake (excluding California), vandalism, wind or hail, fire or lightning on a declared replacement cost basis. Our comprehensive coverage includes attached structures, emergency personal property left in the home and additional expenses to cover carrying costs in the event of a loss. The transferee is also covered for general personal liability in the event of any damages that may occur during the maintenance of the insured property.

We've simplified the reporting format as properties come in and out of inventory. We promptly supply any lienholders with confirmation of coverage. We can bill you on a monthly basis for the current inventory, or annual invoices per property can be issued. Rates are quoted on a daily basis with a minimum of 30 days.

Vacant residences represent a significant additional exposure for both employer and employee. Our program provides an efficient and economical solution.

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