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Buyer's & Sellers...
Protect Your Home With A
UNIRISC Home Warranty.

Because expensive Home Systems or appliance repairs
can be a major concern to buyers, the UNIRISC Home
Warranty provides low cost peace of mind during the
home buying and selling process.

UNIRISC protects you from the high cost of repair due to unexpected breakdown of covered home systems and appliances arising from normal wear and tear.

For the Buyer
Most home buyers use all of their available cash and credit to purchase a home. What if a major appliance, water heater or furnace malfunctions or stops operating altogether? Who would you call? How will you afford the costs of repair? The UNIRISC Home Warranty eliminates those worries and lets you enjoy your new home with the comfort of knowing that you and your major home systems are protected.

A home warranty is an important selling tool for anyone who is selling a home. By having a home warranty on your listed home, you are showing prospective buyers that you are backing up what your are selling. Not only do homes with a home warranty tend to sell faster and closer to the asking price, but a home warranty also protects the Seller from possible "after the sale" disputes.

And remember... You don't have to pay for the home warranty until after your home sells and closes.


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