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Explanation Of Coverages:

Vehicles covered for 2x actual cash value

Vehicles are covered for 2 times the actual cash value should they be severely damaged and not economically repairable. Many coverages will only insure for the standard red book value or actual cash value. Our coverage provides double the amount than most other companies.

Pairs and sets losses

Pairs and Sets covers all items belonging to a pair or set. If one piece of a set is damaged or lost and cannot be repaired or replaced, the entire set or pair is insured. Whether it is a set of lamps, a pair of end tables or a set of dishes, you're covered. Most coverage will only insure the individual item that is lost or damaged rather than the complete pair or set.

Acts of God

Acts of God are considered as natural disasters beyond human control that would include such perils as flooding, hurricanes and storm damage. Any damage to your personal belongings resulting from these conditions is covered through our plan. Most polices will only provide coverage for damage or loss that is a result of mishandling.

Moth or insect damage

Moth or Insect damage can occur while your shipment is in transit or storage and is often caused by contamination from other shipments. This type of infestation, which can cause serious damage to your belongings, is often not covered under other policies. Our plan provided full protection for all your belongings throughout the duration of the transit or storage term.

Mold and mildew damage

Mold and Mildew damage is often a result of long term exposure to water or humidity, which can cause substantial damage. Ranging from a piece of furniture to your clothes and linens, our coverage fully insures all of your personal belonging. This type of coverage is often an exclusion from most polices.

Loss of value for antiques

Loss of value for antiques provide you with compensation for the loss of market value over and above the cost of repair should the item be damaged. Most other polices will only cover the cost of repair leaving you with a repaired piece but with a loss of value. Our coverage will cover the cost of repair plus compensate you for the loss of value.

Mechanical/electrical derangement

Mechanical/Electrical Derangement insures your electronic items and major appliances against mechanical and electrical malfunctions resulting from your move with the exception of normal wear and tear. This is a very special feature, as most policies will only provide coverage if there is exterior physical damage. As an added bonus we also will cover damage resulting from normal road vibration which is typically a policy exclusion with most companies.

6 months storage in transit for no additional charge

Our basic coverage, which insures the transit portion of your move, will also fully insure your personal effects for up to a period 6 months in an authorized storage facility for no extra charge. Most coverage will only insure your belongings for the transit portion of your move. Additional fees are commonly charged should you have your belongings placed in storage.Explaination to go here.